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08 September 2020

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A serene village at the banks of Paravati is known as Kasol. People call it the ‘Amsterdam of India’. It is like a mini heaven on earth where you may find mountains with the solace of peace, mighty waterfalls, soothing greenery and people with heart of gold.

Kasol is an emerging tourist attraction that is swiftly gaining name and fame as a common hub for trekkers, backpackers and nature lovers. Kasol is situated 23 kms ahead of Bhuntar and it is also next to the famous religious town of Manikaran

Kasol is well-known for its trekking trails, that includes treks to Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sar Pass, and Pin Parbati Pass. If you want to get a true feel about the culture of this region, then you should plan a visit to the adjoining village of Malana.

It is Located few kilometres ahead of Kasol. Malana is a small hamlet inhabited by folks living in a self-imposed isolation. claiming themselves to be the descendants of Aryans, the people of Malana avoid any sort of interaction with outsiders. The village has abundance of picturesque sights. Malana is often called as ‘Little Greece’.

Many people from Israel has settled down in Kasol. Thus, you should not be surprised if you find plenty of delicious Israeli food, you will be more than excited to discover that many of the signboards in Kasol is in Hebrew.

Many Israeli descendants has been settled here in Kasol. Kasol has a number of roadside food outlets which will serve you mouth-watering foodstuff. the most amazing part of food is the feel of chilling out and enjoying it in the midst of dusky green forests and the breath-taking mountains. It actually makes the meal more memorable.

Kasol has a street market where you can find a variety of items, where you can pick up trinkets, souvenirs, pendants, and even semi-precious stones to take back home for family and friends.
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So, if you are an aspiring writer or thinker and need some time in the lap of nature then dorm is for you. We will take care of all your needs. You do not need to worry about food, cleanliness, hygiene or anything else. You will surely not find any other place which is fancy with modern architecture and yet so close to mother nature.

Basically, you will be able to intellectualize things sitting in the mid of mighty mountains near a splendid river Paravati with the magical cloud, mesmerizing mist the breeze which is fresher than anything you have ever experienced.

Here are few ideas and experiments that are allowed in fivedimensions to make you feel more comfortable and homely: are allowed to Improvise your Bed Accessories according to you are allowed to keep pet with you.

The dorm is our way to make sure that everybody could enjoy the serenity of Kasol without worrying about the bucks required for it.
There are many things that you may enjoy while your stay in our dorm. Few of them are:

1.You may take a Walk by the Parvati River

The river has steep gradient and a great mass of water; thus, it rages down in noisy torrents. It is not advisable to cross the fierce river on foot. There is a rickety old wooden bridge for the purpose. For a really pleasant leisure afternoon, just stretch out on one of the smooth boulders beside the river with your feet swung in the cold water. It would be an eternity in an hour or an hour stretching into a lifetime.

2. Pay a visit to Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran is about 6 km from Kasol. You may take a hike or hitch a ride, whatever suits you. Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara tucked between imposing hills and river Beas. The high point of the Manikaran Sahib is the hot spring located within its premise. The devotees take a dip into it to wash their sins and illnesses away. People believe that spring water has healing properties in it. The ‘Langar’ is always delicious and wholesome.

3. Go and take a long walk to Malana or Tosh

Malana is famous for its distinctive culture and the temple of Jamlu Devta. The people of this quiet little hamlet live in a self-imposed isolation. They believe that the purity of their race would be compromised if they interact with outsiders. A visitor in Malana is not allowed to touch their wall and if they do then Malana people wash their walls with the buffalo blood.

4.You may go for trek to Kheer Ganga

Trek to Kheer Ganga from Kasol is of nine km. It is a four-hour steep climb on a very narrow and tricky trail. However, this is probably one of the easiest treks to do from Kasol. Persons who are not in the best of their health still may find the hike to Kheer Ganga rather more than challenging. But as you finally reach to the lush green meadow with geothermal springs, it answers all your prayers.

5. Try Israeli Food

Apart from being a hippie heaven, Kasol is also a sanctuary for great food, though little known. Tucked amidst wilderness, in a distant corner of the world, Kasol is clustered by young Israelis. When in Kasol try not to hunt for fancy. Eat outdoors as much as you can. There is no dirt to get into your food in this virgin valley.

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